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Title: Spanish radio show with three live songs
Post by: jbaent on February 11, 2020, 10:45:51 am

The week before GH was released, a Spanish radio station, "Los 40 principales", made a special programme to preview the GH record, they broadcasted an interview, they put some of the record songs and, the very special and rare of this show, three live songs recorded during the rehearsals of the new band for the next tour.

These interviews always work the same way, the record company send to the radio stations two cds, one with the music and one with an interview, with the questions written in the cd, so the dj only has to read the questions, and play the record so he gets the answer for MK, so that way they pretend MK is there answering, and between questions they play some songs from the record, usually linked with the questions.

Usually, that interview cd's are being sold in collectors shops etc so the we, the fans, end getting them, for GH there were two different interview cds released, one of them with the music included:


What makes so special this Spanish radio show is that they played also three songs recorded live during the band rehearsals, "the bug", "imelda" and "cannibals". That three songs are NOT available in any of those interview cds that the radio stations get for his programmes, and there is not any other cd, at least known by us, with songs recorded live that the radio stations should had got to air...

It's a big mistery, because also, that Spanish radio is, apparently, the only one who got those tracks, or at least, the only one who played them!

The dj who did that radio programme is dead, and the people involved in that programme doesn't work in that radio station anymore, as it changed a lot to more commercial crap music, so contact them is not possible  ::)

Anyone has any information about the existence of any cd or tape with that band live rehearsals, or if any other country played any of them when they did their special programme for the GH release?

I guess that songs were recorded at the same band sessions that can be seen in the GH video press kit and the 60 minutes programme: