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Mark Knopfler Discussion Forum / Re: Mark's National guitar
« Last post by vgonis on Today at 04:23:55 pm »
Nice and comprehensive JF! Thank you!
Unfortunately I am nt in the UK and BBC does not allow me to listen to it. However, the last but one  Uncut issue had an interview with MK and the reporter asked many times for his relation with David, directly and indirectly, only to receive one word answers or a:"not this question again" answer. I wonder if it is a similar situation with this interview and why they are so eager to learn or confirm what they already know. This has little to do with music.
Hi there.

Apologies if this has been posted already, I did a search and couldn't find it, but has everyone seen this interview with Mark on BBC's HardTalk? It's the first time I've ever known a journalist ask Mark about his relationship with David and the first time I've heard him talk about it.

  • Trapper Man
  • Back on the Dancefloor
  • Coyote
  • Behind With The Rent
  • Seattle
  • She's gone / Your Latest Trick
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Sultans
  • Quality Shoe
  • The Last Laugh
  • Nobody Does That
  • One Song At A time
  • On Every Street
  • Speedway
  • Heavy Up
  • So Far Away
  • Shangri-La
  • Going Home

Definitely not my wishlist but I think he's gonna rely heavily on the brass section this tour.
So after some quick thoughts I came up with one setlist that should get a few songs in the right order.

My guess for the setlist:

1. Trapper man
2. Corned beef city
3. Privateering
4. Back on the dance floor.
5. Father and son / HFB
6. Slow Learner
7. One Song At A Time
8. Romeo and Juliet
9. Sultans of swing
10. Band Intro
11. Postcards From Paraguay
12. Speedway At Nazareth
13. Marbletown
14. So far away
15. Matchstick Man
16. Piper To The End

Play these and I'll be very happy  :D
GOOD THREAD!! I have been thinking about this the last week ;D

I'll say we guess the first setlist for Barcelona. I will post when I have My songs ready.
I was thinking it would be fun to do something similar to the Dylan Pool. Since Mark doesn't change the setlists so much. It could rahter be that we guess before the toru starts. The setlist for the first concert and maybe for instance the setlist of the last european date.

1 point for correct guess. 2 points for correct song and placement in the setlist.

Any good suggestions for making this in a fun and simple way? 
Happy to be here. I will keep an eye on this thread for any questions.

Hello Kevin

During the last MK tour in 2015, two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall were announced during January to happen in May 2015. We are expecting this might happen again, and if it happens, I think that it could be a good chance to try some of the observations we made in this and the other thread.

One of them would be, if that concerts happens and are announced soon, that the Fair Admission could have an option to choose between "arena tickets" and "stalls tickets" as it is possible to do during the direct pre-sale. Fans who use fair admission have clear which kind of tickets would like to try, and it might be annoying that a fan who wants stalls ends with arena tickets, or the contrary, because the option wasn't given in advance.

Best regards.
Down The Road Wherever / Re: Struck Out Again!
« Last post by vr46mk on Today at 10:15:04 am »
Have the following been discussed? :

If you select one show that you want 2 tickets for, do you have better chance to be assigned with tickets, rather than selecting 5 shows with 2 tickets?

Don't know but this came to my mind. I only selected one show and got front row. Since it's all about fairness according to them, could selecting multiple shows decrease your chances of getting tickets?

It's a little OT i know but it's still regarding the FA

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