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Author Topic: Upgrade Bugs - Find something broken or missing in the new forum? Post it here!  (Read 8635 times)

Love Expresso

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The "Show new replies to your posts" and "Show unread messages" buttons are too up and too small.

These two buttons are what I use the most in the forum, are the best tool to follow everything so if its possible to move them to the place they were before or make it bigger or both...

Yes, I would agree.



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Hi, Dan,

glad it alls seems to have worked out well. But I miss the "Show new posts since your last visit" function?

EDIT: Found it! It might be a problem for some others, so I am proud to tell that's the two buttons on the left of "HELLO (USER NAME)  ;D


Thank you very much
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Hi Dan, I've just noticed that the links at the top of the page for Richard, Guy and Knopflertk are missing.   Will they be coming back?  Thanks!   :)
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Also the quote that some of us have added under the text and the line, is following right after  the text and not going on the bottom following the size of the avatar,as it used to.
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Love Expresso

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Some do, some don't. Mine and Supervals signatures seem to be down on the bottom as usual?


Love Expresso

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"Top banner design by KnopflerSized"? Or Knopflerized?  ;)


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Some do, some don't. Mine and Supervals signatures seem to be down on the bottom as usual?

true. My first question ( not posted) was already answered, so I' m fine. And yes it sure looks mighty on a pad!
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Before it was a kind of clock telling how many days, hours, minutes etc etc were you connected, now that is missing. Its not that it was important, but as the advice says that if there is something missing

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No artwork for me too, I'm using Chrome and IE.
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No artwork for me too, I'm using Chrome and IE.

Hey there, did you already try a complete reload by pressing [STRG] and [F5]?
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OfflineHoops McCann

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OK, thanks all for the feedback! Here's an update on what's been fixed...

1.) Fixed the website "favorites" icon. Somehow, during the upgrade, the original file became corrupted. It has been replaced.
(However, in FF for some reason, it only displays on the main index page. It seems to go away once you leave the index page. Need to look into this.)
2.) Removed the small icons at the top of the page for showing unread posts since last visit, and new replies to your posts. Made text larger and changed color scheme to match the footer. Also, completely removed the awkward looking capital letters that caused some login confusion. It came that way with the theme, but has been removed.
3.) Fixed the typo in knopflerized's user name in the signature. Thanks for pointing that one out!
4.) Added total time logged in right after the welcome message at the top of the page. Some may not want to see this stat. I am one of those people. ;) (The original theme did not have it.)

...and still what needs to be done...

1.) Add external links back to the top.

...other reported issues...

I will be re-installing the old version of the forum with the original themes soon. The forum will be read only and registration will be closed. Then we can pinpoint what functionality is different between the two versions of SMF and perhaps try to mimic the old functionality in the new version.
You'll see it here soon: www.amarkintime.org/forum3

1.) Fonts are too small or are unreadable. We may want to change the fonts to something larger and more readable for all. (I too find this font a bit hard to read in the post editing window.)
2.) Text appears small when quoting another post.
3.) Some users are reporting that they are unable to see the main banner on top. I now believe this MIGHT be a Javascript issue. I will report back with my findings soon.
« Last Edit: August 27, 2012, 07:56:33 pm by Dan »

Love Expresso

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Jesus, thanks Dan! Sounds really like HARD work! Take a break, it is running great and smoothly! Thanks again for doing all this!



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Am I doing something wrong or is the avatar function not working properly? I uploaded--shows I did--but no indication or button to push to 'save' and post.

The new site looks very good--nice and streamlined.
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Can you merge the 2 Tour 2013 sites - maybe it could be on the main page as its more easy to find????




  • Mark Knopfler
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Just one wee issue I've noticed is that on occasion the options to "show unread posts" and "show new replies" don't load in and I have to refresh.  I'm using Safari v6.0

Other than that it's great.  I only wish the MK.com gang were as efficient with their new layout!
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