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Author Topic: Fender 'Mark Knopfler' Signature Series Stratocaster (0117800-815) - Owners list  (Read 86350 times)


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Yes indeed there would be nice Customs charge on top and you would be paying for the knowledge it wasn't a genuine MK Strat.....When a few hundred pounds more would secure you one.... :wave

I think that we all should remind that fender is a mass guitar and industrial product and designed as it.

The real value of a Fender, unless you get a real vintage that has been cared after, is the brand.

They are what they are, basically good instrument, but let be serious unless Mark decides to let one of the specially built for him, a MK signature is not an exceptional piece of art.

OK for business better it is to have the Fender brand on your neck but you can get as good axes from other manufacturers, and if you can put some extra money get way better build than their "custom shop" by one of the many stringed instrument maker on the market.

The Point I was trying to make was that for me owning a couple of 'MK' Signature Strats mean's a great deal to me and I'm sure to the others who own them on this forum.
Totally agree with you that a 'Custom Shop' Strat would be most probably far superior with regards build but it just wouldn't be an MK Inspired guitar to me......
I think most people who own the MK strategy because of the MK connection.

We are lucky that they happen to be very good guitars, at least mine is.

If someone just wants a good strat then no doubt you could get one cheaper, either from Fender or Suhr or a load of other makers.
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For Sale: SE02903 (Approx 2006 edition) for sale from the Netherlands: 3,490 Euro (£2,992.00p)


That is one expensive guitar.. I’ve bought mine about two years ago at the cost of 1600 euro’s. I’m still a bit bothered by the fact it didn’t have the original case and all of the candies. It only had the tags with the serial number on it. The plastic was still on the pickguard as well.

Still thinking about buying another one which had all the goodies, though I can’t be bothered spending more than 1800.


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