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Author Topic: Useful Tremolo set up for Strat tip  (Read 3362 times)


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Useful Tremolo set up for Strat tip
« on: February 27, 2015, 01:32:14 PM »
To set the tremolo:
1: With string tension off and bridge plate sitting flat on body; tighten all 6 mounting screws until they just touch the bridge plate. Then unscrew the two outer screws 1/4 turn, and the 4 middle screws 1/2 turn.
2: Remove the rear tremolo cover and slide it under the back edge of the bridge plate. This should now raise it around 3/32" - 1/8" at the back edge. Tighten the tremolo claw screws a little (just to keep the tremolo cover in position during the next phase).
3: Restring the guitar and tune it to pitch. Set intonation and saddle height etc. with the tremolo cover still under the back edge of the bridge plate.
4: With the guitar tuned to pitch using a tuner, unscrew the tremolo claw screws until the tremolo cover comes loose. Do not touch the machine-heads during this phase. Using the tuner, adjust the tremolo screws keeping the spring tension even (both screws should be the same length) until the strings are in tune, they may be slightly off, i.e. one sharp, one flat and the others in tune, but if the overall tuning is flat, tighten the tremolo screws, if sharp, slacken them.
5 You are done, you can now fine tune with the machine-heads, and the tremolo should be floating with enough upward pull for around a semitone on the high e.


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