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Author Topic: (01) Beachcombing 4.14  (Read 3214 times)

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(01) Beachcombing 4.14
« on: August 17, 2016, 07:44:21 am »

Beachcombing (Mark Knopfler) (4:14)


They say there’s wreckage washing up
All along the coast
No-one seems to know too much
Or who got hit the most
Nothing has been spoken
There’s not a lot to see
But something has been broken
That’s how it feels to me
We had a harmony I never meant to spoil
Now it’s lying in the water
Like a slick of oil
The tide is running out to sea
Under a darkening sky
The night is falling down on me
And I’m thinking that I should
Head on home
Been gone too long
Leave my roaming
Little wild kitten out hunting
To see what he can get
You’re in a big city now
That won’t stop growing yet
The sun is going down smoking
A flaming testament
Something has been broken
And it feels permanent
Little seabird flying
He knows where he wants to go
Guess I ought to pack my stuff
And do the thing I know
I turn around and head on back
Along the old sea wall
I felt something give and crack
And now I’m sorry thats’all
Head on home
Been gone too long
Leave my roaming

Song lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Warner Bros. (USA)




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