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Author Topic: MOFI lied for nearly 15 years about their Ultradisc One-step record process  (Read 675 times)


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Hi there,

If you bought any of the Dire Straits record 45rpm 2LP or the Local Hero OST issued by MOFI you should be aware that they are NOT full analog transfert.

Mobile Fidelity has hidden an important step about the way they have issued their famous "Ultradisc One-step" LP's and had been put in situation they had to tell the truth about it

They admitted that they have introduced  a DSD conversion step at least since 2008 on some of their vinyl edition without publicly stating it, and everything produced since 2015 is DSD sourced despite in an 2017 interview they still publicly stated that they were analog.

As of today MOFI has updated the information for Dire Straits and Communique being 1/4" / 15 IPS analog master to DSD 256 sourced.

Making Movies and Love Over Gold pages are still to be updated.

Regarding Love Over Gold, it has also been revealed by external source [Michael Fremer] that the Love Over Gold transfer was flawed and has to be digitally repaired.

Local Hero has been updated with being sourced from Digital clone of 3M digital master.

Of course these news won't change the quality of the sound on record.

But customers have right to know exactly what they buy, for what they spend a way more money than for the usual Joe pressing.

This is a question of absence of ethic, they have consciously mislead a part of their consummers for years when asked or comunicating about the analog integrity of their chain.

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