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Author Topic: #26:2012.11.12 Grand Rapids, MI, Van Andel Arena, USA # SPOILER AHEAD  (Read 15803 times)


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Re: #26:2012.11.12 Grand Rapids, MI, Van Andel Arena, USA # SPOILER AHEAD
« Reply #30 on: November 17, 2012, 04:23:21 pm »
Where is it written down that we have a right to see them shared the stage? Mark accepted the request. Nothing more. And before there was no request, prolly because, as someone here mentioned, they wanted to get their shows "well oiled"
But again, it is, in the end bob's tour, and he can, in his crazy little world, decide what to do whenever. I am convinced mark is not bothered in the slightest. And I also think this topic is not discussed between mark and the t of the band. I am also convinced bob and mark spend way more time then we'll ever find out
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Re: #26:2012.11.12 Grand Rapids, MI, Van Andel Arena, USA # SPOILER AHEAD
« Reply #31 on: November 18, 2012, 02:31:37 pm »
Allright, sorry it taken so long to post anything. Trying to get my house ready for 25 people on Thanksgiving and just took a promotion. Ugh. Anywho, here is the setlist (going by memory, the order might be slightly off around the middle):

1.What It Is
2.Corned Beef City
4.Yon Two Crows
5.I Used to Could
6.Song for Sonny Liston
7.Done With Bonaparte
8.Hill Farmer's Blues
9.Brothers in Arms
11.So Far Away

There have been some negative reviews of this show. Let me say this, the sound in the front row was unbelievably great. One of the best sounding Mark shows I have ever been to. Also, Mike posted on Guy's forum they seemed tired and rushed. I didn't really see that from my perspective, again, it was one of the better MK shows I have been to. It was great! To hear Mark fill the Van Andel with BIA is as close to Dire Straits as I will likely ever get. It brought tears to my eyes to hear the venue full of his guitar on that song. It echoed all around me. The sad part of the show was that the venue holds roughly 12,000 and around 4,500 tickets were sold :-/



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Re: #26:2012.11.12 Grand Rapids, MI, Van Andel Arena, USA # SPOILER AHEAD
« Reply #32 on: November 18, 2012, 05:03:45 pm »
Thank you diremark86 for this review.   I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the show.  After reading the post from Mike on Guy's forum I felt a bit disconcerted, but pleased to hear it was OK afterall.     :)
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