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Author Topic: A.M.I.T FORUM RULES  (Read 18469 times)

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« on: May 23, 2013, 10:00:05 AM »
 A.M.I.T. (A Mark In Time) Forum is free to Join. You are able to view the Forum messages without registering, but you will need to register if you want to actively take part in any existing discussion topics or start new ones. By registering, you agree to the rules and policies listed here below.

The A.M.I.T. Forum is a "post moderated" forum, which means that the Administrators/Moderator Editors will review messages after they are placed in the Forum by our registered users/members. Any messages /topics that are deemed to not meet the guidelines of the A.M.I.T. Administration may be edited or totally removed at our Editor/Moderator’s discretion. Continued instances from individual users/members being contrary to this policy may raise the prospect of that user/member being warned or banned at the discretion of the Administrator/Moderators.

Distasteful or Offensive material
A.M.I.T. Forum administrators and moderators will make every effort to keep distasteful material off the forum, but need the co-operation, of all our user/members to achieve this. If you find offensive material on the Forum, please report it by clicking on the repot to moderator pertaining to the particular post. It can be found near the bottom of each post:-
Report to moderator    Logged
 This policy will work towards keeping the A.M.I.T. Forum running smoothly and more enjoyable for all. Neither A.M.I.T. nor Simple Machines will be held responsible for the content of any message.

Inflammatory-postings and flame-baiting
A trend which has emerged in other forms on the internet is “flame-baiting” sic:- http://searchsoa.techtarget.com/definition/flamebait. A.M.I.T’s group of editors have discussed this in relationship to our forum, and to prevent it from happening here, are instigating a warning/banning sequence which will complement the discretionary powers already available to them if they believe this is happening here. Editors will be keeping a look-out for any instances which contravene any of our rules, and also ask that members who feel that they have an issue with another member’s post that they use the “Report to moderator   ” function which is located at the bottom of each post.

Use discretion when posting a message. This forum is read by many Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits/Notting Hillbillies fans from around the world daily, so what you say will be seen and read by many people. Please keep it civil, and always respect Mark and his band members, family and his associates. All UN-solicited discussions that are deemed by the Administrators/Moderators, to venture too far into Mark and or his band members' private personal/family matters will be considered inappropriate and promptly removed from the A.M.I.T. forum.

Expectations of all Members and Administrators

When we register to be a user/member of A.M.I.T. forum, we agree that we will not post any messages or topics that are threatening, hateful, obscene, vulgar, inflammatory, disrespectful or in violation of any laws/codes of conduct. In other words: - Be nice when you visit. Respect other user/ members, and all of the Administrators/moderators. Personal, attacks, Inflammatory-postings and stirring, will not be tolerated. Treat everyone here the way you expect to be treated yourself.

Nicknames, tags and signatures that are considered to be inflammatory, rude, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted.

Please try to keep your messages “on” the appropriate topic and “in” the appropriate category. It’s easy for passionate discussions to go off in many different directions. If any discussion begins to change markedly from its original context, we ask that you please continue with it, but, start it over as a new discussion (in a different Topic/Category if need be). A.M.I.T. reserves the right to close down/lock and or remove/re-locate discussions that veer too far away from the original Topic or Category.

Multi language capacity -
The, A.M.I.T. forum has a multi language capacity. We have Dutch, French, German, Norwegian & Spanish boards at present.
Bootleg sharing/Audio & video "vines" forum/Tree/A.M.I.T. TV/A.M.I.T. Hub
The A.M.I.T. forum has associated entities including a tracker hub (http://tracker.knopflertk.net/ and http://live.knopflertk.net/usuario/login)
 an Audio & video Vines board, along with links to Tracker sites which share MK/DS/NHB material. They will have their own sets of rules, with users/members expected to abide by the rules and conditions contained. With particular note to the sharing or soliciting “Copyright” material. A.M.I.T. forum also has two You Tube Channels which are releasing live concerts, interviews etc, in a chronological schedule. Found here:-


Unsolicited advertising is not permitted and will be removed at the discretion of the Administrator/Moderators. They are also solely responsible for determining what constitutes an advertisement.

Questions or Concerns
A.M.I.T. Forum rules and moderation are not a topic for public discussion. If you have questions or concerns about the rules or how the forum is moderated, please set them out in an email to the address above and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. Please be civil in your emails, as threatening, obscene, inflammatory or disrespectful emails will not be responded to, and your access/membership may be terminated.

Administrator/Moderators rights
A.M.I.T. retains the right to remove, edit, or re-locate any message for ANY reason. Any failure to follow the rules/codes of conduct of the Forum may result in termination of your access/membership to the Forum.

Ongoing/Development of rules
These rules may be modified from time to time (refer to Questions or Concerns above), with revisions to be announced on this page. Continued access of the Forum by you, will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to these rules and policies.

Correct at May 2015


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