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Author Topic: Dire Straits - Live Aid Performances uploaded by the official Youtube channel  (Read 1271 times)


  • Guitar George
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Hello there,

Nothing new material but haven't seen these performances in so good quality and Mark's face is sharper than ever in the video. :clap Audio is as good as it gets, but the mix for me is not so good e.g. Mark's thin guitar sound. I have seen the MTV broadcast version of Money for Nothing where the guitar sounds much more better. Does anyone know if the Sultans MTV broadcast can be found somewhere? Haven't found it on YT.

Anyway great to finally have these live performances uploaded officially in the best quality!

Always think positively! B)


  • Mark Knopfler
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Thanks for these.  I think they sound great!  :thumbsup
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  • Guitar George
  • Posts: 9
  • Location: Finland
  • Registered: May 2016
Guess you're right. Listened now again and sounds good. Maybe I have listened too much Alchemy 2010 recording.  :lol
Always think positively! B)


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Harable, that’s great! thank you so much for sharing! My dad has the official dvd box and I remember watching these a lot. The quality was great, and to watch it now in this great quality is lovely. This concert and two songs are the reason I play the guitar today.
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