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Author Topic: New Interview with DK  (Read 1396 times)

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Re: New Interview with DK
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2020, 12:29:55 am »
There had been always the typical brothers rivalry, David had mentioned many times that MK was the kind of brother who wants to have it everything and achieve everything, and he is the younger brother, and that's exactly what happened with them playing in DS, MK wanted to achieve the higher as possible and David just wanted to have a band and play songs, not only playing but also writing songs and that, with MK and command, wasn't going to happen.

But when David left DS, MK and John both played with David on his first record, even MK did a playback playing as rhythmic guitar for David for Italian tv, the problem arrived some years later, when the SOS compilation was released and MK and DS manager, Ed Bicknell, with the OK of MK, managed to leave out David from the royalties of the songs on that compilation where David played. During the firsts years of DS the four members of the band got royalties for being part of the band, and MK had more for being the writer of the songs, and I don't know why as I don't know about laws and less about copyright, royalties etc, Ed and MK left David out and he didn't saw a penny. David took legal actions about that and probably that's where the hugh problem started between them.

After that, there was a piece of news on newspapers about the MK first guitar being auctioned by David, who had that guitar with him as apparently when MK left the parents house, he left the guitar there and didn't care much. The next we knew was that MK used that guitar on many promo pictures of the KTGC record so, MK got back the guitar from David, probably lawyers were in the mix as well...

David said in an interview that they don't talk to each other, except on weddings or funerals, and they say HI to each other, and that's all.

Actually, when they are asked about what happened on DS years they say the same in different ways, that they wanted to pursue their dreams, but their dreams were different, and by what they say nowadays, it looks like both achieved what they wanted, in different levels of success, but both are happy with what they achieved.

But it looks like David is the only one that openly talks about talk again with his brother, play with him etc even he says that it's sad that there are cousins that they don't know each other.

If that happens, I can see easily both brothers playing folk songs, they have similar roots and his music had gone by very similar paths, but with very different levels of quality and creativity, obviously, but nowadays they have lots of points in common musically but it looks like MK is very determinative to avoid his brother.

I also like when I read this David's interview, when he talks so honestly about fighting his own demons and facing all his problems, and the way he says about being happy with what he has, that there are always people who are in a better position that him, but also many that are in worse situation, so he's happy with what he has. It's the same position about how I face life, being happy with what you have and enjoy your life.

That was exactly what accentuated the problems among the brothers, in 1998 when the SOS compilation was released.

I share your whole perspective.

If you’d give an honest look, throughout DS history there was no such thing as a “second guitar player”. All major rhythm parts were either composed or straight up recorded by you know who... Mark had a rhythm guitar player simply because you can’t play two guitars at once. If he could, DS would be a power trio :lol

If you look closely, you'll notice that even though Mark played most of the second guitar, still, there is David's guitar, the first two albums have his soul too, his guitar and voice are there to make that distinctive chemistry happens, there are ideas of him there, the Lions melody was David's suggestion, the magic happens especially live, when you see the mixture of the two guitars, MK and DK, that unique, indivisible texture. SOS was never the same without David being in a quartet format, compare the groove of the versions of OES tour 81/92, STP tour 2001, SGL tour 2005, KTGC tour 2008 ... In my opinion, David was the best rhythm guitarist who accompanied Mark Knopfler, I'm not talking about multi-instrumentalists like Richard, who even makes arrangements, I'm talking about the role of the rhythm guitarist, in that sense he is what Bruce Welch is for the Shadows, who knows, knows what I mean. The change in sound with the departure of David is drastic, both in the studio, especially live, the same occurred with the departure of Pick.

Anyway, whatever came, be it to rescue some songs from the first two albums of DS, or a new job between a possible partnership between the Knopfler brothers, for me it would be welcome and I believe that for many others too, they have the same musical roots , in that sense they speak the same musical language!  :wave

Let's go down to the waterline!


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